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Paytm Affiliate Program | Cost per Sale Affiliate Campaign



Paytm Affiliate Program
Paytm affiliate program is India’s biggest Online Recharge website. Paytm is the front-runner of cashless India mission. Through Paytm, you can recharge the mobile phone, DTH Card, Pay Bills, Train Booking, Insurance Premium an more. Paytm gives offers different commissions rate on different categories. You will find the entire Paytm commission structure on this page. You may directly promote Paytm on your blog or website.

Paytm Affiliate Program, Cost per Sale Affiliate

How it Works:
  • Login/ Sign up for PayOOM affiliate Account.
  • Apply for Paytm CPS Affiliate Campaign
  • Once approved, you can start promoting  Paytm Campaign using your Payoom Tracking links or Program Banners.
  • You can track your traffic and sales online in real time. All information is available to you 24/7.
Paytm affiliate program, Campaign Terms & Conditions:
  • Type: Cost per Acquisition ( Only new Customers )
  • Targeting: PAN India.
  • SEM: Allowed (Coupons on the website and those shared by Payoom )
  • Allowed Media: Display Banner and Text Links, Email/Newsletter, Facebook PPC, Social Media, Contextual.
  • PayTM does not allow bidding on any brand keywords like Paytm,, Paytm offers etc.
  • If your transaction missing please report missing transactions within 18 days from the date of the transaction.

So, join the Paytm affiliate program now and start earning big!

Karan Arya is a Mechanical Engineer, founder, and author of Minidea. He's a blogging enthusiast and very fond of coding. He's been blogging since 2016 and has learned so many interesting things pertaining to blogging, SEO, and online earning. He has launched this blog to cover blogging related topics.

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Top 10 Affiliate Programs & Network in India

Affiliate marketing is fastest growing, A large number of people want to make money through affiliate programs. If you are thinking to start affiliate marketing.



Top 10 Affiliate Programs & Network in India
Top 10 Affiliate Programs & Network in India

India is one of the biggest marketing places in the world has extraordinary potential, cheap payouts rates with minimum investment, free advertisement conveniences to a large group of public and so becomes one of the finest resources Affiliates can further consider.

Take a look at the names listed below as India’s top and best Affiliate programs, bookmark them and use them to make a big deal out of your Affiliate works.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs in India

1.Flipkart Affiliate

flipkart affiliate program

Flipkart is a e-commerce website provide affiliate program to the publishers, only You just need to high volume traffic on your website/mobile site/mobile apps to Flipkart and earn commission on every purchase. You can earn up to 15% every time a user clicks on the banner/link and makes a purchase on our site. 

How much do you need to pay to join it?

Absolutely Free

Affiliate Tools

  • Product Links and Banners
  • Promotional Banners & Widgets
  • Search Tools (Search Bar/Search Widget)
  • APIs to access Flipkart’s extensive product catalog and discovery functionality
  • Affiliate Bookmarklet Widget

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2. Amazon Affiliate Program

amazon affiliate program

Amazon have to you over a million of products to advertise to your customers! Amazon launched in India in the year 2013, Amazon provide better profits for affiliates in the network.

Affiliates here get up to 12% in advertising fees. They can earn advertising fees from all Qualifying Purchases, not just the products advertised. Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule.

How much do you need to pay to join it?



  • SiteStripe toolbar
  • Product Links
  • Banners
  • Product Advertising API

3. Vcommission

vcommission affiliate network

vCommission is India’s one of the Best Affiliate Network delivering performances on both web & mobile to top Indian brands through a growing network of 17,500 affiliates.

The network based on CPS, CPI, CPC and CPA offers and helps Affiliates generate more sales due to the expertise.

The minimum payout for this network is $100, and they deposit money in their affiliates’ bank accounts on time.

Why vCommission?

  • Performance Marketing
  • E-commerce Enabler
  • Guaranteed & verified Lead Generation
  • Specialized Branding
  • App installation
  • Monetization
  • Good Customer Support

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5. Optimize

optimize affiliate network

Optimise is a Affiliate network with global coverage approx. 30+ countries. Backed by market-leading technology, excellent client service and performance.

It gives a lot of Affiliates, Mobile, and Reward Solutions to brands all across the globe and affiliates get lots of CPA, CPS and mobile offer to promote. Affiliate Application!

How much do you need to pay to join it?


6. Bigrock Affiliate

bigrock affiliate program

BIGROCK is a domain, hosting providee Affiliate Program helps you start earning in simple 3 steps. Sign Up

first; refer to customers and start making money. It’s best suited to web designers and bloggers interested in web hosting. The company offers high-value domain registration and hosting services, and gives affiliates very high commissions for every sale generated.

How it works?

After affiliate signing up, you receive a unique URL. It is your website training URL where you can start earning commissions by selling Big Rock’s products and services.

How much do you need to pay to join it?


7. MakeMyTrip Affiliate

make my trip affiliate program

MakeMyTrip is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your earnings in case of having a travel-centric blog or a website. 

How much do you need to pay to join it?


8. Godaddy Affiliate Program

godaddy web hosting affiliate program in india

GoDaddy’s affiliate program pays you for selling hosting related services to their website. It doesn’t require any fees and is easy to set up.

How does it work?

An affiliate simply needs to place one of its banners or links where their visitors, customers, and friends will see it and earns cash on every qualifying sale made through their ads.

How much do you need to pay to join it?


9. Hostgator Affiliate Program

hostgator web hosting affiliate program

HostGator is a famous web hosting and domain registration company and with a broad reaching customer base has becomes a great program for affiliates in India. Hosting services can make passive income from promoting HostGator products.

How does it work?

Utilizing affiliate coupon tools to create custom coupon codes and product

tracking url, Affiliates acquire new signups for HostGator services and then, receive a commission of up to $125 per qualifying signup!

How much do you need to pay to join it?


10. Admited Ads Network

admited affiliate program

Admitad, a German based affiliate network was launched in India in 2005 and offers CPA affiliate programs to publishers.

It has its in-house technology platform and allows Indian Affiliate to promote global campaigns too. Their payment cycle is of 7-10 days which sounds interesting.

How much do you need to pay to join it?

Free SignUp

Why Admitad?

  • Quick payments
  • Honest cooperation
  • 100+ exclusive offers to publishers
  • 1488 affiliate programs


Widgets, ReTag container, product feeds, promo codes and other tools and technologies

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