How to create an engaging 404 Error Page That Keeps Visitor on Your Website

Karn Arya
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engaging 404 Error Page

Engaging 404 Error Page: The intro should discuss the competitive nature of web traffic and how there are multitudes of ways to lose web visitors. 404 errors happen but webmasters should mitigate the chance of losing a user by customizing the message.

You just blew up your first impression with a custom error page.

Body Of the Post

The body will discuss what 404 errors are, how to customize them, and what should be included in the message. 

#1:  What is a 404 Error message?

Define 404 Error messages and explain how they happen.

#2: Why should you customize a 404 Error?

List the benefits of creating an engaging message that keeps visitors on your site.

#3: How to customize a 404 Error message

Break down how a webmaster can create a custom 404 Error message.

#4: Make your error message engaging

Discuss how the copy here is an extension of all other brand messaging and should be empathetic and engaging. Provide examples if possible.

#5: Lead visitors to a different page

Ensure the user has ample opportunity to navigate to a homepage or other landing page to encourage them to stay on your site.

#6 Include contact information

Include contact information for your business so users do not feel “abandoned” by your business when they reach a 404 message.


Short conclusion with a CTA asking readers about the most creative engaging 404 Error Page message they have seen and why they liked it.

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