How to Block Relince Jio from Showing Ads on your Android Phone

How to Block Jio from Showing Ads on your Android Phone
Written by Karan Arya
(Last Updated On: May 17, 2019)

How To Stop Ads On Reliance Jio Phone: Ever since I added the Reliance Jio 4G SIM on my Android phone, I’ve been frustrated with fullscreen overlay ads. Reliance ads appear intermittently but they’ll almost always show up after you disconnect a phone call or when you are charging the device.

Here are we listed some points on how to stop jio ads on reliance jio phone:

  1. Uninstall MyJio App, Jio 4G Voice App, and all other Jio apps.
  2. Revoke all permission of Jio apps. Long press the app icon, press the info button, go to App Permission and uncheck everything. Also turn off the “draw over the apps” permission for Jio apps.
  3. For Android Oreo or later, go to Settings > Apps > MyJio and turn off the “App can appear on top” setting. You probably need to do this for every Jio app on the device.
  4. Root the phone and install AdAway, an ad block that uses the host’s file to block specific hostnames and IP addresses.
  5. Use Greenify to hibernate all the Jio apps and prevent the app from running in the background.
  6. Disable ‘Telephone’ access for all Jio apps. Even Jio Mags has default access to ‘Telephone’!
  7. Toggle background data to disable data access for all Jio related apps.

Unfortunately, none of these suggestions worked.

Best Method to block Jio ads: Contact Jio customer care (1800 889 9999) and mention that you are seeing overlay ads and you want to disable them. You will be asked for your IMEI number and the Jio team will stop the ads from appearing on your Android smartphone.

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