What are the things to invest in to start blogging?

What are the essential blog investment to start a blog
Written by Karan Arya
(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

Hello everyone, Today we will know that if you are interested in starting professional blogging then what should you invest on? It will be very important for you to know because if you invest in the right place, your blogging career becomes very easy. So let’s know.

List of things to invest in blogging (Blog Investment)

Domain Name

Domain name is the first thing you should invest in. Those who are free blogging platforms provide you blogs with subdomains, which are not relevant to traffic gain from today’s search engine. So if you want to create your online identity from your blog, then you should first buy a top level domain name. You can buy a domain as much as you think, at a very low price. I bought my first domain name for only 350 rupees and I would like to tell you that I have purchased much domain but never spent more than Rs. 300 for one domain name.

If you would like to buy a domain by going directly to the domain name registrar such as Godaddy, Namecheap etc., then you might not find this cheap. You should take advantage of their discount coupons and offers, which keep coming from time to time. If you buy a domain name, you can also use it with many free blogging platforms such as Blogger.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is Next Needs As I mentioned above, you can use your domain with a free blogging platform such as Blogger, but it has many limitations. So if you want to do professional blogging and want to make money with blogging, then you will have to choose a WordPress premium platform. WordPress is free but for that, you need a web hosting. That’s why you need web hosting is on the second number in our list of investments.

If you choose WordPress for blogging, there are lots of option available to help you in it, like, on minidea you will find many helpful blog posts related to WordPress.

Now if you do both the above mentioned investments, then it is enough. But if your budget is more then you can do some more investments, which can make your blogging journey even easier.

If there is no problem with money, what should invest?

Premium Themes

As I told you that you have to choose a WordPress platform to do professional blogging, now you also need a theme for your blog. However, many themes are also available free but free themes are not so customizable that we can use them for professional blogging.

Premium Tools and Plugins

The main power of WordPress is its plugins Many WordPress plugins are available free but there are a lot of plugins that are more powerful and beneficial than free plugins, but you have to buy them, you can invest in such plugins if you wish. There are some tools that help in increasing your keyword research to find the best keyword for your blog post, blog analysis, and traffic, you can also invest in such tools. Find Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

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Hire Writers and Developers

If you are a busy person or are not worthy enough time to write quality content regularly for your blog, which is most important in blogging, then you can hire content writers. Besides, there are many things that you can not do yourself, such as the customization of the theme or the editing of videos etc. for which you can connect to freelancers.


If you have any questions, about how to start blogging, what requirements to start a blog & blog investment. please share with us through comments. Thank you for reading this blog post. Hope you find this information beneficial. If so, please share it and do not forget to subscribe to us.

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