Exclusive List of Websites & Directories To Submit Your Blog Or Website

Exclusive List of Websites amp; Directories To Submit Your Blog Or Website

Here we listed an exclusive list of Websites, directory and places where you should submit your website or blog. Most of the sites listed here are free, and if you are creating a new Blog/Website or have not submitted your existing Website to these places, you should go ahead and create one.

This also includes different social website and social bookmarking profile. It’s not an extensive list like 1000 sites or something, we creating a list of those sites which are important and will be helpful in either search engine ranking or tracking your site report.

Where to submit your Website or Blog?

Let start the list with Webmaster tools as it will be the first step to get your site on google search engines. Submitting your blog to other sites will help in better indexing and crawling of your blog. Especially when you create a new blog, it takes time for search engine bots to find your blog and crawl it, by submitting your site to these Websites which is listed below, it will help in faster indexing. Though if your sole motto is to let your site index in no time, here is a quick guide : How to index your site in 24 hours.

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Google Webmaster

You can not only add your Website but also submit your sitemap to Google.
Google will quickly crawl all your website links and index them. More over, google webmaster tool works as free SEO tool for your website.

Bing Webmaster tool:

This is the official Webmaster tool by Bing, and like Google webmaster tool, submitting your blog to this place will ensure your site is visible on Bing search engine.

Google Plus

Like Facebook page, we create Google plus page for submitting our blog or Website for traffic and branding, and this works as the starting point of your blog footprint on Google plus.


Twitter is one of the famous micro-blogging and social networking plateform. Twitter will help you to get a free link. it’s very useful for blog branding.


This is not for new blogs, but if you have a quality content blog, make sure you add your blog to Alltop. Very useful for giving good exposure to your site. 


Pinterest is a popular image-based social networking site. When you submit your blog to Pinterest and verify your profile, you get a free high-quality backlink. Join Pinterest.

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IMT Website submitter:

IMT website submitter tool

This is an online tool, which submits your Website to over 3000 places. Those links might not be very high quality, but it will help in quick indexing.


Alexa is one of the most popular service for batter ranking. you submit your website on alexa. Alexa winget to make your alexa ranking more accurate.

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