Interesting Facts About Elon Musk

Elon musk is business man, he was born in South Africa.

He started a software at age of 12, he sold our siftware in just for $500

He started 1st company at the of 24, aftre some time this company aquire by Compaq for $307 million

In 2000 he murged his company and confinity which became PayPal

He founded SpaceX company for space program and launch sateltites.

Elon musk join Tesla Moters, after he became acts at chairman and CEO of the company

Elon musk also start starlink for satelite internet access

In 2015 elon must start OpenAI company for artifical intelligence

In 2016, Elon must founded another company, aims to integrate human with AI

Apart from these he work with many companys like Tunnel construction, solor energy and more.

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