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Highest Paying Career Options in India

Best career option, blockchain developer earn Rs. 8,00,000 per annum in india

Blockchain developer

Machine Lerninf experts earn approx Rs. 10,00,000 per annum.

machine learning

Most demanded skill right now, get salary between 5 to 10 lakh per year

data scientist

Medical profession like MBBS Doctors and surgeons earn approx 10 LPA in india


Everyone can earn 20000 to 5 lakh per month as per the category of influencers

Social media influencer

People don;t know about petrolemum engineering, average salary in india is Rs. 10 Lakh

petroleum engineering

Average cyber security salary in India and foregin country is Rs. 20 Lakh per year.

cyber security

Greaphic designinf very popular in the world, you can earn approx Rs. 10 lakh per year.

Graphic design

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