Infolinks Review 2019: How To Make Money Online Using Text Advertising

Infolinks Review 2019 How To Make Money Online Using Text Advertising

In this post we write Infolinks review 2019,  we’ll see what is Infolinks, how to use Infolinks and if it is worth going after.

Infolinks is one of the most popular CPC ad Network. Infolinks is one of the most popular and widely used in-text advertising programs on the internet, Infolinks is started in 2007, Infolinks is the best alternative of Adsense. Infolinks is popular because you can use this network with Adsense and Other Ad Networks. Infolinks minimum payout is $50 this amount is easily achieved by the publisher.

Another advantage of using Infolinks on the blog is, though being an excellent AdSense alternative, it is fully compatible with AdSense. You can use Infolinks side-by-side with Google AdSense without thinking twice of getting banned.

Today’s post is about InfoLinks review which is one of the leading in-text advertising programs right now.

Infolinks payment mode is Paypal, Payooner, Wire Transfer, Local Bank Transfer. Infolinks network Running referral program and the Referral rate is 10-12%.

Infolinks Review Full Description:

Network Type CPM, CPC, In-Text
Min. Payment  $50
Payment Freq. 45 Days
Payment Method Paypal, Payoneer, LOcal Bank, Wire
 Contact Details  

Infolinks Approval Process?

Easy to approve, take 48 Hour for approval,  accept all types of links.

Infolinks Ad formats

Infolinks network offers wide range of ad formats that you can use within your website to start monetizing your traffic through their ads.

infolinks ads formate

Here are some of the Infolinks ads examples so that you get an idea:

  1. InFold
  2. InScreen
  3. InText
  4. InArticle
  5. InFrame
  6. InTag

Infolinks Minimum Payout?

The publisher gets payment on 45 Days Basis. Infolinks payment method is Paypal, Payoneer, Local Bank Transfer, wire. Minimum payout is $50.

Infolinks Payment Proof & Earning Report?

Check out the earning screenshot from ShoutMeLoud, you will notice that Harsh Agrawal has indeed earned a lot of money from InfoLinks in the past.

infolinks payment proof earning report

Infolinks Referral Program

Infolinks also provide referral program to our publishers, If you refer infolinks to other you earn 10% of their revenue or ad spends, so you have a strong reason to invite your friends to Infolinks advertising network of publishers and advertisers.

You can earn 10% from each of your referral’s revenue for 12 months.

How to increase Infolinks earnings? Working Tricks

If you are you looking for How how to increase Infolinks earnings?

Infolinks is not a pay per view ad network, instead, it is a pay per click (PPC) ads network. You can highly increase earnings from Infolinks and similar ad programs by increasing the CPC of your ads.

Let’s say you’re bringing 3000 unique visitors a day to your site, here’s what happens.

  • Ads placed in each blog – 5
  • Total number of daily visitors – 3000
  • Total number of ad impressions – 5 x 3000 = 15,000 per day
  • Cost per Mill (Earning for 1000 impressions) – 2$ (This may vary but this is an average earning CPM)
  • Daily average earning – (15,000/1000) x 2 = 30$ / day

So the monthly income would be 30 x 30 = 900$


  • Great alternative to Google AdSense
  • Very easy To Approve 48 Hour
  • No minimum visitors required for Infolinks account approval
  • Wide range of ad formats to place your Infolinks ads
  • Thousands of high potential advertising options
  • Also, Accept Subdomain
  • Referral rate is 10-12%


  • CPM is very low when compared to western countries such as US, UK, Canada etc.

Comparison of Infolinks with some other top ad networks:

Infolinks Vs Adsense

Points Infolinks Adsense
Approval & Apply Easy and quick Hard and takes time
Network Type CPC, CPM CPC, CPM
Payment Rate Average High
Getting payment Easy Little bit tough
Restrictions No Adult No Adult

Infolinks vs Bidvertiser

Points Infolinks Bidvertiser
Approval & Apply Easy and quick Easy and quick
Network Type CPC, CPM CPC, CPM, CPA
Payment Rate Average Lower than average
Getting payment Easy Easy
Restrictions No Adult N/A

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