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What Is Affiliate Marketing, Online Affiliate Program, Online Earning



What Is Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (company’s) Product. when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission. This commission depending on what product you are promoting. Affiliate marketing is commonly confused with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing use third parties to drive sales to the retailer.

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Many online companies who sell products such as E-commerce, web-hosting, or some other service, usually offer an affiliate program. There are two ways to approach affiliate marketing: You can offer an affiliate program to others or you can sign up to be another business’s affiliate. 

Karan Arya is a Mechanical Engineer, founder, and author of Minidea. He's a blogging enthusiast and very fond of coding. He's been blogging since 2016 and has learned so many interesting things pertaining to blogging, SEO, and online earning. He has launched this blog to cover blogging related topics.

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Online Making Money

High Paying (CPC) Google AdSense Keywords In 2019



high cpc keywords Google AdSense Keywords In 2019

No doubt, AdSense is still considered as one of the best reliable and fastest ways to make money online. The best part about AdSense is you don’t need any special skills. You just need to capture the right niche and topics for your blog to create good content around it and you are all set to start making money. This detailed tutorial will help to increase your AdSense earnings by finding the high paying ads on AdSense. Are you ready?

If you want to increase AdSense CPC and make more money?

AdSense optimization is a single solution for this. When we talk about Adsense optimization, there are many things to do, but the main target is to get high CPM and get more Cost per click. Else, despite good AdSense CTR, you might not be making good money.

What is Adsense CPC?

CPC known as Cost per click, in short, make money which you make/click is what CPC. Your cost per click is determined by many factors, including your maximum bid, your Quality Score Through high CPC keyword can make you earn well. For example, if you choose a keyword whose CPC rate is approximately $3 and you get 40 clicks daily then at the end of the day and the month estimate will be like

Daily Income: $2 x 40= $80
Monthly Income: $80 x 30= $2400

How To Find High Paying AdSense Keywords (High CPC Keywords 2019)

Before talking about finding high CPC keywords through keyword research with tools like SEMrush, Long Tail Pro and Keyword Planner, I want to let you know about the importance of using long tail keywords.

Listed some of the highest CPC keywords in India are following:

  1. World Trade Center Footage ($95.02)
  2. Webex Costs ($92.38)
  3. Virtual Data Rooms ($83.18)
  4. Structures Annuity Settlement ($100.8)
  5. Sell Annuity Payment ($107.46)
  6. Royalty Free Images Stock ($92.76)
  7. Register Free Domains ($92.03)
  8. Psychic for Free ($94.61)
  9. Ph.D. on Counseling Education ($92.99)
  10. Personal Injury Lawyers ($66.53)
  11. Personal Injury Law Firm ($60.56)
  12. PaperPort Promotional Code ($95.13)
  13. Online Stock Trading ($35)
  14. Online Motor Insurance Quotes ($95.73)
  15. Donate your Car for Money ($94.01)
  16. Online Colleges ($95.65)
  17. Neuson ($92.89)
  18. Online Classes ($95.06)
  19. Nunavut Culture ($99.52)
  20. Online College Course ($78)
  21. Motor Replacements ($98.43)
  22. Motor Insurance Quotes ($68.61)
  23. Mortgage Adviser ($91.29)
  24. Met Auto ($93.70)
  25. Mesothelioma Law Firm ($179)
  26. Massage School Dallas Texas ($94.90)
  27. Low Credit Line Credit Cards ($94.49)
  28. Life Insurance Co Lincoln ($97.07)
  29. Insurance Companies ($52)
  30. Injury Lawyers ($60.79)
  31. How to Donate A Car in California ($111.21)
  32. Home Phone Internet Bundle ($93.32)
  33. Holland Michigan College ($95.74)
  34. Health Records, Personal Health Record ($40)
  35. Hard drive Data Recovery Services ($98.59)
  36. Donate Old Cars to Charity ($94.55)
  37. Forex Trading Platform ($20)
  38. Forensics Online Course ($93.51)
  39. Email Bulk Service ($92.55)
  40. Donating Used Cars to Charity ($93.17)
  41. Donating a Car in Maryland ($98.20)
  42. Donate Your Car Sacramento ($118.20)
  43. Online Criminal Justice Degree ($60.4)
  44. Donate Your Car for Kids ($106)
  45. Futuristic Architecture ($91.44)
  46. Donate Cars in MA ($125)
  47. Data Recovery Raid ($73.22)
  48. Donate Car to Charity California ($130)
  49. Donate Car for Tax Credit ($126.6)
  50. Car Insurance Quotes PA ($92.88)

Conclusion: Use these high CPC Keywords in 2019 on your blog to increses cost per click rate.

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Online Making Money

How To Make Money Through Flipkart Affiliate Program



What is Flipkart affiliate program?

Flipkart Affiliate Program is a program which you can refer product link on Flipkart to your friends, family, relatives and get the commission from that sale.

How To Make Money Through Flipkart Affiliate Program

There is the various way to make money through an Online Affiliate Program, Click here to make money through List of Affiliate Marketing Program In India.

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Setting Up An Account:
  • Go to Flipkart affiliate program Click Here.
  • Click the button “Join Now For Free”.
  • Put your email address and password.
  • Confirm your mail
  • Fill the form
  • Successfully Done.

Flipkart affiliate Program Commission:

Flipkart offers different commission rate according to categories of products. Their commission rate for the book is 8% and electronics 4%. For More commission details click here.

How To Get Payment From Flipkart Affiliate Program:

Flipkart pays you through ETF (Electronic Fund Transfer). for this you need a bank account, pan card number and IFSC code these details are sufficient will receive payment from Flipkart.
If any condition you do not have a bank account, PAN Card then you can also take your payment in the form of Gift Voucher. You can use these voucher when you’ll purchase something from Flipkart.
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Online Making Money

Amazon Affiliate Program, Associate Program, Affiliate Marketing, Sign Up



Amazon Affiliate Program | Associate Program | Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs and was launched in 1996. Amazon affiliate marketing which is known as the Amazon Associates program. Amazon is one of the world’s biggest marketplaces. Even though there are so many affiliate marketplaces in the world, many bloggers, and big companies use Amazon to sell their products.

Amazon Affiliate Program

You can earn up to 10% referral fees if you provide customers the confidence of purchasing product via a referral link to a trusted site of yours and when they make the purchase, you get your commission.

How to Sign up for Amazon Affiliate program?
In affiliate program your geographical location is very important, location is also a determining factor for your target market. if you are in the U.S., then automatically your target audience would be the U.S. market and you should sign up for the US Amazon associate program. On the other hand, if you are in India, you would want to sign up for Amazon affiliate India.
How to Monetize as an Amazon Affiliate?
1. Add widgets to your site
There are widgets and online stores of the Amazon Associates program that can be added to your website templates. Make sure you list various recommended products in your sidebar.
2. Create the Amazon Build-a-Link bookmark/link
This makes it easy to build the link with affiliate ID built in. You need to log in to Associates Central and on the left navigation sidebar, go to Build-A-link, and below Static Links, look for Individual Items. Click on this link and drag it onto your Favorites menu or Links toolbar.
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