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Paytm Affiliate Program | Cost per Sale Affiliate Campaign



Paytm Affiliate Program
Paytm affiliate program is India’s biggest Online Recharge website. Paytm is the front-runner of cashless India mission. Through Paytm, you can recharge the mobile phone, DTH Card, Pay Bills, Train Booking, Insurance Premium an more. Paytm gives offers different commissions rate on different categories. You will find the entire Paytm commission structure on this page. You may directly promote Paytm on your blog or website.

Paytm Affiliate Program, Cost per Sale Affiliate

How it Works:
  • Login/ Sign up for PayOOM affiliate Account.
  • Apply for Paytm CPS Affiliate Campaign
  • Once approved, you can start promoting  Paytm Campaign using your Payoom Tracking links or Program Banners.
  • You can track your traffic and sales online in real time. All information is available to you 24/7.
Paytm affiliate program, Campaign Terms & Conditions:
  • Type: Cost per Acquisition ( Only new Customers )
  • Targeting: PAN India.
  • SEM: Allowed (Coupons on the website and those shared by Payoom )
  • Allowed Media: Display Banner and Text Links, Email/Newsletter, Facebook PPC, Social Media, Contextual.
  • PayTM does not allow bidding on any brand keywords like Paytm,, Paytm offers etc.
  • If your transaction missing please report missing transactions within 18 days from the date of the transaction.

So, join the Paytm affiliate program now and start earning big!

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