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Clickwinks Review – Payment Proof, Earning Report, Payout



clickwink review payment proof earning report payout

Clickwinks Review: Clickwinks Affiliate Network, is one of the brst and fastest growing performance-based networks in the digital advertising sector. Clickwinks is an online network of advertisers and affiliates. clickwinks provide advertising solutions for advertisers of all sizes. Clickwinks allows you to advertise using text and banner advertisements. Clickwinks offering CPA (Cost per Action), CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions), CPC (Cost per Click).

Clickwinks Review: Online CPA, CPM Advertising Network

Approval Process:

  • Easy to approve.
  • No minimum traffic required.
  • Custom domain required.
  • Instant Approve

Clickwinks Ads Format:

Clickwinks provide multiple ads format for publisher and advertisers. clickwinks offers both mobile and desktop ads.

Clickwinks Minimum Payout:

Clickwinks payment frequency based on NET7 Basis. Clickwinks minimum payout is 50$ by paypal and checq.

Clickwinks CPA, CPM and CPC Rates:

CPM Rates: Approx up to $3 for 1000 impression (Depending upon the county and other parameters)

Revenue Share: Clickwinks share 12% on CPA.

Clickwinks Payment Proof, Earning Report:

Coming Soon.

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Ad Networks Review 2018, Payment Proof, Earning Report, CPA, CPC



content ad review payment proof earning report

There are some ad networks that are able to advertise content without making it sound like spam. One of the best companies that are a pioneer in content advertising. is a native advertising network that displays promoted contents of other websites, similar to Outbrain and Taboola, but this network does not demand a million impressions like them. This blog post is all about Content ad review, which will take a look at the different aspects of the native advertising network. was one of the first companies to offer successful content marketing services to online advertisers at scale. Take a look at this detailed Content ad review below.

Content ad Review | Full Description

Content ad Approval Process:

  • Accept all types of website/blog
  • No minimum traffic required.
  • Custom domain required.
  • Instant Approve

Content Ads Type:

This is primarily down to the fact that the wider the array of ad types, the more advertisers and publishers can be attracted to the ad network.

Here is a look at some of the ad types on offer:

  • Display Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Pop Up Ads
  • Pop Down Ads
  • Side Bar Ads
  • Promoted Content Ads

Content ad Minimum Payout: pays its publishers based on both costs per clicks and cost per million impressions basis, payments ( payout) are made on a Net 30 basis. The minimum payment threshold is $ 50. via PayPal or wire.

Content ad Payment Proof, Earning Report:

Kindly send us a screenshot of payment proof by mail.

Content. ad CPM and CPC Rates:

CPC for native ads hugely varies based on the traffic and conversions, one can expect the Content ad CPC rates to be around 3 cents to 6 cents with Based on the page CTR, the  RPM can be anywhere around $0.5-$2 or even more in some cases.

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Teads Review, Payment Proof, Earning Report, CPM, CPA Rates



teads review payment proof

Teads Review: Teads, founded in 2011, is the inventor of outstream video advertising network and the leading native video advertising marketplace. Publishers work with Teads to create brand new outstream video inventory, monetizing it through programmatic buying, their own sales force, or third parties including Teads Demand. Teads pioneers advertising experiences that respect the user, creating unprecedented levels of premium inventory which previously didn’t exist.

Teads has 28 offices across 28 countries and employees more than 500 people worldwide. The network has a strong presence in the entire Europe and US, and if you have the good volume of EU and US traffic, you can easily monetize your editorial content with premium video advertisement from Teads.

Teads Review, Payment Proof, Earning Report

Approval Process:

  • Accept all types of website/blog
  • Minimum 10k traffic required.
  • Custom domain required.
  • Instant Approve

Teads Network Ads Formate:

Teads have a variety of video formats available for advertisers. Here is a list of the viewable video formats.

  • Mobile and Desktop in Article video ads.
  • Streaming videos ads.
  • Native Videos.

Teads CPM, CPA Rates:

The CPM rates offered by Teads is in the range of USD 15 to USD 20.

Teads Minimum Payout:

Teads network based on CPA, CPM. The minimum payment required for withdrawal is USD 50 and the payments are made in NET 45 days via Paypal or Wire.

Teads Payment Proof, Earning Report:

Kindly send us a screenshot of payment proof by below submit payment proof button.

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Adskeeper Review – Native Ads Network For Publisher



adskeeper ads review, paymet proof, earning report

Adskeeper Review: Adskeeper is one of the best and fastest growing UK based Native ads network company. It is similar to other native ad networks like Mgid Ads Network and Taboola ads network help publishers to monetize their website. Adskeeper network works on CPC basis.

Adskeeper Review: Online Native Advertising Networ

About the Company: Adskeeper is one of the first ad tech company to adjust the needs of affiliate marketers and start content recommendation network.

Adskeeper for Advertisers

Adskeeper provides a set of tools for advertisers like- macros, re targeting ability, and selective bidding. These in together help marketers to make better revenue from their investment. With Adskeeper, advertiser has the option to work with traffic that converts, hands on optimization tools to further enrich your campaigns, wide range of targeting options and finally attractive bids to ensure highest return on investment.

Adskeeper for Publishers

Adskeeper is a extra source of revenue they can help publishers to monetize their traffic and gain extra income apart from AdSense and other native ad networks. The Adskeeper’s AI tool automatically selects the best performing campaigns from a database of 1000s of advertiser campaigns for your website traffic and thus it ensures higher click-through-rates, engagements and better revenue potential for publishers. The Adskeeper ad unit is flexible and responsive and thus can effectively fix a website of any screen size and resolution.

Approval process

Website: Any one can apply for this ads network.
Minimum Traffic: No initial traffic required.
Domain: website/blog must have custom domain required.

Ads Formate:

Adskeeper ads network provide Native Platform ( Article Related widgets).

adskeeper review

Adskeeper Minimum Payouts

Minimum Payout of Adskeeper Network is $50, Adskeeper gives Payment on Net 30 Basis to our publishers. This ad network well-suited for all types of publishers small and medium-sized. The payment medium is PayPal or wire.

CPC,CPM and CPA Rates

CPC rates= Approx to $0.2 for every Click. (Depending on the country and other parameters)

Adskeeper Payment proof & Earning Reports

If you got paid by this network please send us a snapshot of your payment proof (Earning Report).

Final conclusion

AdsKeeper works for all types of sites, small or big. However, the revenue depends on the quality of the site, niche, ads placement, and visitor location.

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